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Slovakia, Bratislava, Arena Theatre

t is a brick building of the old Arena Theatre on the bank of the Danube near the Old Bridge in Petržalka. We designed selected parts according to the customer's requirements.


Before starting the grouting work it is recommended to remove the old destroyed original plaster, it is usually fallen, destroyed and salted. If the plaster is not removed at least in the grouting line, there is a risk of spalling from the grouting material. In this case, the removal of the plaster (additional) is dealt with by the remediation contractor at his own expense, which is why we did not remove the plaster.

Unless the old floor is removed, the boreholes should be drilled as close to floor level as possible. Should the floor be removed, the boreholes can be drilled exactly at floor level. The drilling was carried out at standard borehole spacings (this is dependent on the thickness of the wall being grouted, for these wall thicknesses this was every 10cm).

KOSTER Crisin 76 Concentrate was used as grouting material with wick technology for transporting the grout. It is a patented system where a grouting cartridge with 200ml of grout is inserted into a horn (KOSTER Suction Angle) that is fitted in a borehole in which a capillary rod (KOSTER Capillary Rod) is inserted. The boreholes themselves shall be cleaned, e.g. with compressed air, before the capillary rod is inserted.

The wall with the cartridges thus prepared is left for a few days to allow the injection material to be absorbed (either until the material is fully absorbed or if the amount of material in the cartridges does not decrease for 2 consecutive days, the cartridges can be removed (after a maximum of 7 days, usually and from experience, the cartridges are removed after 2 days completely empty). The capillary rod may be left in the borehole or removed and the holes plugged with KOSTER Repair Mortar. Subsequently, remedial plastering shall be carried out.

KOSTER Crisin 76 Concetrate is a synthetic resin that changes the capillary properties of the grouted material (brick, stone, mixed masonry) so that water cannot pass through it. With its very low viscosity and low surface tension, it can push water out of the capillaries, which become hydrophobic. The effect is permanent.

Arena Theatre, Bratislava, Slovakia 
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Horizontal barriers with pressureless injection system KÖSTER Crisin 76
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KÖSTER Crisin 76
KÖSTER Crisin 76 cartridge
KÖSTER Crisin Rods
KÖSTER Repair Mortar
KÖSTER Suction Angle
San-Injekt s.r.o. Slowakei - Bratislava  
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