Joint Sealing in Tunnel Constructions

1 Pump
KÖSTER Acrylic Gel Pump
2 Special rubber sealing system

3 Injection needle

4 Joint sealant
KÖSTER Injection Gel S4
5 Joint protection
KÖSTER MS Joint Sealant

The complex construction of tunnels entails great challenges for the waterproofing system. Even with the highest application standards, there could be special situations or extraordinary occurrences that could cause leaks inside the tunnels. These leaks are mostly located along the joints of the tubbing elements, and if not treated in time, could cause severe damages to the structural integrity of the tunnel.

The KÖSTER Injection Gel S4 with the B+ component is a specially designed acrylic gel for the injection of joints, providing an outstanding elasticity, a higher adhesion to the flanks, and a reduced drying tendency when in contact with air currents. Since altering or drilling the tubbing elements is generally not recommended and allowed, the adjustable reaction time acrylic gel is injected inside the joint using injection needles, inserted through a special rubber sealing system placed in the joint. To avoid material loses on the back and prevent the material from running down the drainage system, a backing rod is inserted to create a defined injection area.

When the injection is completed, the special rubber sealing system can be removed and the gel protected with the highly elastic, low modulus polyurethane sealant KÖSTER PU-Flex 25.

Always adhere to the specifications in the respective Technical Guidelines.



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