Hydrosilicate system for mold remediation and prevention on interior surfaces

Due to health reasons alone, living and storage spaces should be free of mold. The KÖSTER Hydrosilicate Board System fights mold without the use of toxins. Based on a pure physical functionality, KÖSTER Hydrosilicate Boards stops mold in its tracks. Due to its thermal insulating effect, it acts as a moisture control, helps reduce the formation of condensation, and provides a pleasant living environment. The presence of high alkalinity and a permanent dry surface prevent the undesirable growth of mold.

Old wall coverings and bond inhibiting substances such as wallpaper, gypsum residues, paint or insulation must be completely removed. Absorbent substrates are primed with KÖSTER Polysil TG 500. Irregularities and holes in the surface smaller than 5 mm can be levelled with KÖSTER Hydrosilicate Adhesive SK. Larger surface defects can be repaired using KÖSTER Repair Mortar mixed with 20% KÖSTER SB Bonding Emulsion added to the mixing water.

Apply the system only after the substrate leveling has completely cured. For gluing, KÖSTER Hydrosilicate Adhesive SK is fully and completely applied to the substrate. The KÖSTER Hydrosilicate Boards are cut to the desired size using a hand saw and are pressed to the wall. After the board has been installed, a bead of KÖSTER Hydrosilicate Adhesive SK is applied along edges of the board to make sure that the joints are fully filled. Subsequently, the whole area is plastered with a layer of KÖSTER Hydrosilicate Adhesive SK.

All successive paints must be open to vapor diffusion, such as KÖSTER Silicone Paint White.

Always adhere to the specifications in the respective Technical Data Sheets.



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